About the webcast:

Due to a large number of applications to attend the meeting, far exceeding the capacity of the Conference Hall, we decided to webcast the oral presentations for a fee of 5,000 JPY to partly cover the cost.
We accept applications until end of 28 June 2017 JST 12:00.  


Visit the registration page and follow the instructions there to register. 

After payment, send your receipt and the PDF file of Terms of Subscription to indicate your agreement to the Terms to the following address,


with the subject "Application to the webcast of AQC2017".

In the main text of the email, write

- Your name in full

- Email address

- Affiliation

- Statement that you agree with the terms of subscription.

Further information will be forwarded to you after we receive the email with these items written in it.

System Requirement

The following environment is required:

- Windows7 or later with Flash Player- MacOS10.9 or later with Flash Player

- Android 4.1 or later with a Chrome browser

- iOS7.0 or later

For more information on Flash Player, in particular on its activation on Chrome, see 


Terms and Conditions:

1. This is a best-effort service and may sometimes be unstable due to insufficient transmission capacities.

2. Recording is prohibited.

3. It is required to keep your ID and password strictly to yourself only.  

4. Some presentations may not be broadcast if the author disagrees with a webcast.

5. The webcast will be available real time following the program. The program may subject to change without notice.  Broadcast will be interrupted for those presentations described in the above item 4.

6. Poster presentations will not be webcast.

7. No refund of the fee under any circumstances.

8. Most presentations will be uploaded to YouTube free of charge in a few months after the conference.