Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC) and Quantum Annealing are computational methods that have been proposed to solve combinatorial optimization and sampling problems. Several efforts are now underway to manufacture processors that implement these strategies. The Sixth International Conference on AQC brings together researchers from different communities to explore this computational paradigm. The goal of the conference is to initiate a dialogue on the challenges that must be overcome to realize useful adiabatic quantum computations in existing or near-term hardware. The conference is a sequel to AQC 2012 (Albuquerque), AQC 2013 (London), AQC 2014 (Los Angeles), AQC 2015 (Zurich), and AQC 2016 (Los Angeles)

Invited Speakers

Mohammad Amin (D-Wave)
Edward Farhi (MIT)
Alexander Glätzle (Univ. Innsbruck)
Richard Harris (D-Wave)
Itay Hen (USC)
Stephen Jordan (NIST/Univ. Maryland)
Seth Lloyd (MIT)
John Martinis (Google/UCSB)
Shunji Matsuura (Niels Bohr)
Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo Tech)
William Oliver (MIT)
John Realpe-Gomez (NASA)
Barbara Terhal (RWTH Aachen)
Jaw-Shen Tsai (RIKEN/Tokyo Univ. Science)
Walter Vinci (USC)


Conference Hall on the 41st Floor,

Headquarters of Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd., GranTokyo South Tower

1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6640 Japan