program pdf (all titles and abstracts included) 

Inivited Speaker 40min includng discussion
Contributed talk 20min including discussion





Invited: William Oliver (MIT) 

Quantum Engineering of Superconducting Qubits


Yu Chen (Google)

Progress towards building quantum annealer V2.0




Gabriel O. Samach (MIT)

Engineering Quantum Annealing Architectures Beyond the Transverse-Field Ising Model


David Ferguson (Northrop Grumman)

Component Concepts for Super-Classical Quantum Annealing


Trevor M. Lanting (D-wave)

The D-Wave 2000Q Processor




Poster Session 1


Invited: Seth Lloyd (MIT) 


Invited: Jaw-Shen Tsai (RIKEN/Tokyo Univ. Science) 

Superconducting Circuit QED for Quantum Annealing, Computing, and Simulation


Hirotaka Tamura (Fujitsu)

An Architecture for Parallel-Trial Hardware Accelerator for Ising-Model MCMC Search

17:00 (10min. delayed)

Coffee Break


Invited: Mohammad Amin (D-Wave) 

Is quantum annealing efficiently simulatable?


Helmut G. Katzgraber (Texas A&M Univ./1QBit)

Test and evaluation in quantum annealing: Raising the bar for novel architectures


Masoud Mohseni (Google)

Inhomogeneous Quantum Annealing

Inivited Speaker 40min includng discussion
Contributed talk 20min including discussion


Invited: Richard G. Harris (D-Wave)

Simulation of a 3-dimensional transverse Ising system with a D-Wave quantum annealing processor


Salvatore Mandrà (NASA)

Exponentially Biased Ground-State Sampling of Quantum Annealing Machines with Transverse-Field Driving Hamiltonians


Andrew D. King (D-Wave)

Mitigating perturbative anticrossings with nonuniform driver Hamiltonians


Daniel A. Lidar (USC)

Evidence for a Limited Quantum Speedup on a Quantum Annealing Device


Coffee Break


Invited: Barbara Terhal (RWTH Aachen)

The Power and Use of Stoquastic Hamiltonians


Elizabeth Crosson (Caltech)

Ground state geometry and the energy spectrum of local Hamiltonians




Poster Session 2


Invited: Walter Vinci (USC)

Towards Scalable Quantum Annealing Correction for Optimization and Sampling 


Paolo Zanardi (USC)

Relaxation vs. adiabatic quantum steady state preparation: which wins?


Coffee Break


Invited: John Realpe-Gomez (NASA)

Quantum assisted learning of graphical models with arbitrary pairwise connectivity


Shinichi Takayanagi (RCO)

Display Advertising Optimization by Quantum Annealing Processor


Dan D. Padilha (QxBranch, LLC)

Training L0-Regularised Linear Regression and Classification Models with a Quantum Annealer


Kotaro Tanahashi (RCO)

Feature Selection by Quantum Annealing Processor - An Extension of the QBoost -



Inivited Speaker 40min includng discussion
Contributed talk 20min including discussion


Invited: Itay Hen (USC)

Limitations of physical quantum annealers


Nike Dattani (Oxford)

Truly adiabatic quantum annealing in novel NMR systems which do not leave their ground state


Steven J. Weber (MIT)

Coherent Coupled Qubits for Next Generation Quantum Annealing


Ryan M. Hamerly (NII)

Quantum vs. Optical Annealing: the Coherent Ising Machine and DWAVE


Coffee Break


Gianni Mossi(SISSA)

Quantum Annealing and Localization on the Regular Random Graph


Eleanor Rieffel (NASA)

Investigations of quantum heuristics for optimization




Invited: Stephen P. Jordan (NIST/Univ. Maryland)

Quantum and stochastic optimization


Maritza L. Hernandez-Gaete (1QBit)

Enhancing Quantum Annealing Performance for the Molecular Similarity Problem


Davide Venturelli (NASA)

Deterministic Embedding Methods for Integer Linear Programming on Chimera Graphs and beyond


Masaaki Maezawa (AIST)

Technology Integration for Practical-Scale Quantum Annealing Machine


Coffee Break


Invited: Edward Farhi (MIT)

How to run a near term gate model quantum computer


Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz (NASA)

Model-based diagnosis in combinational digital circuits: An application with potential for quantum speedup


Jack Raymond (D-Wave)

Quantum and classical estimators for quantum Boltzmann statistics


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion: What will be the future society with quantum computers?

Eleanor Rieffel (Moderator), Helmut Katzgraber, Daniel Lidar, Norio Murakami, Hartmut Neven, Paul Warburton

Inivited Speaker 40min includng discussion
Contributed talk 20min including discussion


Invited: Shunji Matsuura (1QBit)

Non-stoquastic Hamiltonian in QAC and spin glass


Andrea Rocchetto (Oxford)

Stabilizers as a design tool for new forms of the Lechner-Hauke-Zoller annealer


Shruti Puri (Sherbrooke)

A quantum Ising machine based on parametrically driven nonlinear oscillators


Invited: Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo Tech)

Analyses of non-stoquastic Hamiltonians by the mean-field theory



Poster panels will accommodate the size A0 (width 841mm, height 1189mm).No specifications for the design. Materials will be provided to mount a poster on it.

1.Suzuki, Sei (Saitama Medical University)

Quantum annealing of an open quantum system

2.Takahashi, Jun (University of Tokyo)

Detection of Phase Transition in Quantum Annealing using Fidelity Susceptibility

3.Ochoa, Andrew J (Texas A&M University)

Approximating continuous coupler distributions on devices with limited precision

4.Ronagh, Pooya (1QBit)

Reinforcement Learning Using Quantum Boltzmann Machines

5.Susa, Yuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Relation between quantum fluctuations and the performance enhancement of quantum annealing in a non-stoquastic Hamiltonian

6.Karimi, Hamed (1QBit)

Effective optimization using sample persistence: a case study on quantum annealers, simulated annealing and simulated quantum annealing

7.Pino Garcia, Manuel (Insituto Física Fundamental)

Non-ergodic metallic and insulating phases of Josephson junction chains

8.Sun, Jie (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

On the failure of the general models of adiabatic evolutions for quantum search

9.Goto, Hayato (R&D Center, Toshiba Corporation)

Adiabatic quantum computation and Boltzmann sampling with a network of driven nonlinear oscillators

10.Ishikawa, Hitoshi (PEZY Computing, K.K.)

A strategic scheme of quantum Monte Carlo implementation bringing out the potential in a supercomputer with many-core processors

11.Reinhardt, Steve (D-Wave Systems, Inc.)

Graph Embedding by Filtering Pre-embeddings via a Distance-Aware Metric

12.Bianconi, Gabriel M (QxBranch)

Quantum-Assisted Learning for Convolutional Deep Belief Networks

13.Henderson, Maxwell P (QxBranch)

Leveraging adiabatic quantum computation for election forecasting

14.Hashizume, Yoichiro (Tokyo University of Science)

A construction method of initial Hamiltonian for singular value decomposition by quantum annealing

15.Lu, Songfeng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Assisted driving Hamiltonian can be not unique in adiabatic evolution

16.Abe, Tomohiko(Nextremer Co., Ltd.)

Batch-learning self-organizing map with quadratic unconstrained binary optimization -- toward application to Ising machine --

17.Osakabe, Yoshihiro (Tohoku University)

Comparison between Ising Hamiltonian and Neuro-inspired Hamiltonian for Quantum Associative Memory

18.Hidaka, Mutsuo (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))

Fabrication Process and Device Structure for Nb-based Quantum Annealing Devices

19.Zhang, Zhigang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Study the structure of local Hamiltonian on adiabatic quantum computation

20.Mossi, Gianni (SISSA)

Many-body localization in quantum spin glasses

21.Tamura, Ryo (National Institute for Materials Science)

Quantum annealing for clustering of artificial data set by quantum Monte Carlo methods

22.Ohki, Toshiyuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Verification of the performance of the quantum Boltzmann machine

23.Ookuwa, Masaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Application of the discrete WKB method to the ferromagnetic p-spin model with antiferromagnetic transverse interactions

24.Chancellor, Nicholas (Durham University)

Modernizing Quantum Annealing (and beyond) using Local Search

25.Motohashi, Tomomitsu (Recruit Life Style)

Optimize Combination of Recommendation Items by Quantum Annealing Processor

26.Itoh, Taichi (BrainPad Inc.)

Quantum annealing for combinatorial optimization problems with multiple constraints

27.Nishimura, Kohji (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Inference of the ground state of spin-glass Hamiltonians using quantum fluctuations

28.Kadowaki, Tadashi

A design of annealer dynamics with quantum and thermal effects

29.Maezawa, Masaaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Thermal Annealing of Classical Bits

Poster panels will accommodate the size A0 (width 841mm, height 1189mm).No specifications for the design. Materials will be provided to mount a poster on it.

30.Stollenwerk, Tobias (German Aerospace Center)

Quantum Annealing for Air Traffic Management

31.Ossorio-Castillo, Joaquin (ITMATI)

Solving energy-related scheduling problems with column generation and an adiabatic quantum computer

32.Takada, Kabuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Behavior of Spin Systems with a First-Order Phase Transition under Dissipation

33.Nakajima, Chihiro H (Tohoku university)

Minimal energy gap of adiabatic quantum computing of multi-state extended Simon's problem

34.Arai, Shunta (Tohoku University)

Detection of phase transition in transverse-field Ising model by neural network

35.Obuchi, Tomoyuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Complex semiclassical analysis of the Loschmidt amplitude and dynamical quantum phase transitions

36.Adachi, Steve (Lockheed Martin)

Application of Quantum Annealing to Training of Deep Neural Networks

37.Dulny, Joseph S (Booz Allen Hamilton) 

Quantum Annealing Enabled Cluster Analysis

38.Hatomura, Takuya (University of Tokyo)

Fast quantum annealing for the infinite-range Ising model by mean-field counterdiabatic driving

39.Seki, Yuya (Tohoku University)

Effect of State transition of multi level systems to Performance of Quantum Annealing

40.Yuge, Tatsuro (Shizuoka University)

Appearance of a superposition of macroscopically distinct states in adiabatic quantum computation

41.Wakaura, Hikaru (University of Tsukuba)

Quantum Error Correction using spin-vortex induced loop currents as qubits

42.Koizumi, Hiroyasu (University of Tsukuba)

Proposal for spin-vortex-induced loop current quantum computer 

43.Li, Zhaokai (University of Science and Technology of China)

Experimental Adiabatic Quantum Factorization Based on a Single Spin System

44.Okada, Shuntaro, (DENSO Corporation)

Reconsideration of adiabatic theorem toward efficient quantum annealing

45.Bapat, Aniruddha A (University of Maryland)

Bang-Bang control of Classical and Quantum Optimization Algorithms

46.Yamashita, Taro (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

Development of ferromagnetic Josephson junction based on niobium nitride

47.Taime, Shoji (The University of Tokyo)

Quantum Simulation of Coherent Ising Machines with Positive-P Representation

48.Miyazaki, Ryoji (National Institute of Informatics)

Application of coherent Ising machine to compressed sensing

49.Namdari, Meysam (Technische Universität Dresden)

Ising machine using integrated photonics: Feasibility study for the realization of OPOs in silicon waveguides

50.Sombillo Neris I. (University of the Philippines)

​Fixed-point quantum search as implemented in an Ising spin system

51.Sombillo Denny Lane B. (University of the Philippines)

Tunneling time operator in quantum time of arrival formalism

52.Yamamura, Atsushi (The University of Tokyo)

Theoretical Analysis on the Measurement Feedback Coherent Ising Machine

53.Inack, Estelle Maeva (ICTP/SISSA)

Simulating quantum Ising models using the Diffusion Monte Carlo method

54.Varotti, Stefano (University of Trento)

New methods for encoding SAT for an adiabatic quantum computer

55.Wauters, Matteo Michele (SISSA)

Comparing simulated annealing with quantum annealing on a fully-connected Ising ferromagnet

56.Li, Richard (USC)

Quantum annealing versus classical machine learning applied to a simplified computational biology problem

57.Könz, Mario S (ETH Zurich)

Comparing embedding penalties between minor-embedding, chimaera and the paqo-scheme (lhz-scheme) as well as to direct SQA

58.Okuyama, Manaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Quantum-Classical Correspondence of Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

59.Suksmono, Andriyan Bayu (The School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia) 

Finding a Hadamard matrix by simulated quantum annealing